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Confessions of a Horse Nutritionist #3: Colic

OK, this is a good one… Poet was getting colic regularly last spring. And I was the cause… yikes! You’d think I would learn, but nope, took me a little while to figure this one out! What was going on? Here is the story… I came home from somewhere one day last spring and noticed […]

Galaxy Update – 17th August 2021

With COVID locking down my entire state this month we are still without a follow up gastroscope so unfortunately I can’t give you a technical update on what is actually happening in Galaxy’s stomach. What I can report on is her behaviour, which is probably the best indicator we have at the moment for what […]

Nutritional & Non-nutritional Aspects of Forage

I was honoured to have been part of the team who put together the Veterinary Clinics | Equine Practice book of clinical review articles on Equine Nutrition. Together with Dr Brian Nielsen (Professor, Michigan State University) and Dr Carrie Finno (Associate Professor, UC Davis) we wrote the chapter ‘Nutritional and Non-nutritional Aspects of Forage’. Hopefully […]

Galaxy Update!

I’d love to be able to give you a really detailed update on progress with Galaxy. Unfortunately though, with the scoping that was planned last week now postponed until ‘sometime in the future’ due to COVID restrictions, I can only give you an update on what I can ‘see’ from the outside. Galaxy in all […]

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