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How Things Have Changed Since 1940

Here at FeedXL our tagline is ‘Nutrition makes a difference’… we say it because nutrition really does make a difference. I read a book many years ago called ‘Jackson’s Track’. A true account of life running a timber business in the early to mid-1900’s. The business used horses to pull the (giant) trees out of […]

Q&A: Ration Balancers vs Vitamin Mineral Supplements

Question: What is the difference between a ration balancer and a vitamin/mineral supplement? Watch the video below with FeedXL founder Dr Nerida Richards and SmartPak’s Dr Lydia Gray for the answer!        Do you have a question or comment? Do you need help with feeding? We would love to welcome you to […]

Q&A: Grass and Legume Hays

Question: Can you touch base about grass and legume type hays, what each grass/legume benefits the horse’s overall health. Is a certain mixture better (or preferred) for certain horses; pasture pet, light work, moderate-heavy work, hard keeper, easy keeper, etc. Example: benefits of having mixtures – pros to having certain types within the mix such […]

Two Feeds, and Yet Requirements Are Still Not Met…

You have spent time researching feeds and found 2 you really like. You have carefully monitored your horse’s body condition and are only feeding enough of these feeds to maintain good bodyweight. You are feeding a largely forage based diet. You are doing everything right!.. Except. The small amount of feed being fed is not […]

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