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How to Find the Right Feed to Fix Your Horse’s Diet

I am sure you have noticed, every time you walk into a feed store, how many feeds there are available to you. Multiple brands. And within every brand, multiple choices. Even for me, the amount of choice gets overwhelming. And trying to read ingredient lists and nutrient amounts from the labels to compare them will […]

What You Need To Know About Our Price Increase

Did you know FeedXL started out as cloud-based software before smartphones or tablets were around? Since starting as a CD Rom software in 2004 and launching online in 2008, we’ve poured our hearts into creating what FeedXL is today. Over the last 15 years, FeedXL has evolved a lot. Our prices, on the other hand, […]

Horse Digestive System: Equine Gut Health

The gut health of our equines plays a significant role in determining how healthy or unhealthy our horses will be. The equine digestive tract is a large and relatively complex system. Your horse’s health depends on how well you look after this digestive system and importantly, how well the microbial population within it remains “balanced”. […]

Building Your Horse’s Diet: The Easy Way

Do you want to build a diet for your horse the easy way in FeedXL? This post will walk you through the 4 simple steps to follow to make your life a little easier, and your feeding regime simpler! Step 1: Enter ALL Forage First enter ALL of your forage; including pasture, hay, haylage, chaff, […]

Accurate Information In, Accurate Diets Out

Are you ready to start using FeedXL to build a balanced diet for your horse? Entering accurate information on your horse and what you are actually feeding is so important for making sure the diets you get out are accurate. Here are the most important things you need to get right! Bodyweight Your horse’s bodyweight […]

How Stress Affects Your Horse’s Gut

Stress! Did you know stress affects the gut? In pretty dramatic ways! Prof John Pluske presented a talk at this weeks animal nutrition conference looking at the effect of stress on weanling pigs. Here are some photos from his presentation: Pigs have a very similar gastrointestinal tract to horses so I often look at pig […]

Retained Placenta and Selenium Deficiency

Retained placenta… bad luck? Or is there more to it? I am going to say there is definitely more to it. And if you look to the cattle industry they agree. And a lot of it comes down to one little mineral… SELENIUM! I was recently at an Animal Nutrition conference at the University of […]

Struggling with Poor Quality Hooves? This May Be Why…

Does your horse have hooves like this? This is the hoof of a horse I rode in some of my travels this year. She was a mare maintained on a pasture and hay only diet. And it shows. This hoof is screaming deficiency… probably mainly of copper and zinc. But amino acid deficiency may also […]

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