Use the FeedXL horse nutrition calculator so you can feed with confidence knowing your horse is getting everything they need.

Unbiased Recommendations for Your Horse

With thousands of equine feeds to choose from and endless opinions on which is best, searching for the right diet for your horse can leave you confused and worried. If your horse has any health conditions or specific needs, creating a suitable diet can be even more complicated. Plus, much of the information available comes from feed or supplement companies trying to sell you on their products.

But it doesn’t have to be like this – the FeedXL Horse Nutrition Calculator can help you figure out exactly what to feed, so you can rest easy while keeping your horse happy and healthy. FeedXL is a completely independent tool, so you’ll always get recommendations based on facts rather than marketing.

Balance your horse’s diet & feed with confidence


Find feeds that meet all of your horse’s needs and stop wasting money on unnecessary supplements.

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Balanced nutrition is the foundation for your horse’s health and well-being. Your horse will thrive on a well-balanced diet!


Horses perform at their best when the feeding program is balanced to meet their individual nutrient needs.

It’s time to stop letting the feed and supplement companies tell you what to feed your horse!

Three Simple Steps to a balanced diet

FeedXL is a horse nutrition calculator. It takes the information you provide about your horse and calculates which nutrients (including how much of each) your horse needs.

After selecting your horse’s forages, feeds and supplements, FeedXL calculates the nutrients you are currently supplying in the diet. Next FeedXL compares your horse’s needs against what you are actually feeding and shows you if there are any nutrient deficiencies or excesses.

For horses with chronic health conditions or specific dietary needs, FeedXL can take these into account and help you create a suitable diet. These include common equine conditions such as insulin resistance, laminitis, PSSM, PPID (Cushing’s Disease), HYPP, and more.

The FeedXL Horse Nutrition Calculator enables you to feed your horse with confidence, knowing they are getting optimal nutrition!

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FeedXL is a horse nutrition calculator. You tell FeedXL about your horse and FeedXL calculates your horse’s daily individual nutrient requirements for energy (calories), protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients like omega fatty acids. First, you tell FeedXL what your horse is currently being fed, including any pasture, hay, grains, feeds and supplements. Using this information, FeedXL determines which nutrients and how much of each one your horse is receiving in the diet. Next, FeedXL compares the nutrients your horse needs with the nutrients being fed and will show you if the diet is actually meeting your horse’s needs. If there are nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, FeedXL will help you to fix them.

FeedXL is beneficial for all types and breeds of horses and ponies, including pleasure and performance horses, retired horses, growing horses, broodmares, and stallions.

We can’t overstate the importance of balanced nutrition for your horses. The diseases colic and laminitis are the biggest killers of horses worldwide, and painful problems like gastric ulcers (which affect over 90% of horses in some disciplines) all can be caused by improper feeding. And there are so many other issues that will result when nutrition is not quite right including:
● Hyperactive and dangerous behaviour
● Sick horses with poor immune systems
● Horses that die prematurely
● Weak, brittle hooves
● Joint degeneration
● Stillborn or weak foals
● Poor fertility
● Poor performance and recoveries
● Weight loss or excessive gain
● Broken bones
● Lameness

By Using FeedXL and calculating your horse’s diet (as opposed to guessing) you can have:
● Reduced feed costs
● Increased confidence
● Less stress and worry
● Healthier and happier horses
● Better performance and faster recovery times
● Calm yet responsive behaviour
● Simpler, less time-consuming feeding regimes
● Lower vet bills
● Healthy hooves and gleaming coats
● Horses that maintain a healthy weight

FeedXL has over 40,000 feeds and supplements in our database but if you happen to find a product we don’t have you can simply add it yourself or ask us to add it to the database for you! You can contact us here.

No, you don’t need your own analysis. We have hundreds of forages in our database for you to use as an excellent estimate of the nutrients your forage will be providing in your horse’s diet.

If you do have your own forage analysis you can upload it and use it in FeedXL for greater accuracy.

Yes! If you have your own pasture or hay analysis you can definitely upload it into your FeedXL account and use this in your horses’ diets.

No. FeedXL is a do-it-yourself system, and while FeedXL will certainly guide you and help you select the right ingredients for your horse, ultimately the final decisions on what goes in your horse’s diet and the amounts used are yours.

We also have a world-class support team who are happy to help you via Live Chat, our FeedXL Facebook Group or email to put together the best diet for your horses!

No, the whole idea of FeedXL is to empower you to make feeding choices without taking advice from the companies selling you their products. In order to achieve that, FeedXL has always remained independent of any feed and supplement companies!

For best results, you should recheck your horse’s diet anytime something changes for your horse. So each time your horse’s pasture, climate, hay type, workload, stage of reproduction or growth or health status changes you need to check their diet. For some horses this might be a few times a month, while others may go several months without any changes.

We offer monthly and annual subscriptions for your convenience. While monthly subscriptions offer more flexibility, annual subscriptions offer more savings. An annual subscription allows you to access FeedXL as often as needed throughout the year, and you can save up to 40% compared to a monthly subscription.

While we hate to see you go, we understand that sometimes things can change. If there is anything we can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise you cancel your membership at any time by going to “My Account” and choosing “Cancel Auto-renew”. Your subscription will not renew and will terminate at the end of your paid subscription, whether monthly or annually.

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