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Accurate Information In, Accurate Diets Out

Are you ready to start using FeedXL to build a balanced diet for your horse? Entering accurate information on your horse and what you are actually feeding is so important for making sure the diets you get out are accurate. Here are the most important things you need to get right! Bodyweight Your horse’s bodyweight […]

How Stress Affects Your Horse’s Gut

Stress! Did you know stress affects the gut? In pretty dramatic ways! Prof John Pluske presented a talk at this weeks animal nutrition conference looking at the effect of stress on weanling pigs. Here are some photos from his presentation: Pigs have a very similar gastrointestinal tract to horses so I often look at pig […]

Retained Placenta and Selenium Deficiency

Retained placenta… bad luck? Or is there more to it? I am going to say there is definitely more to it. And if you look to the cattle industry they agree. And a lot of it comes down to one little mineral… SELENIUM! I was recently at an Animal Nutrition conference at the University of […]

Struggling with Poor Quality Hooves? This May Be Why…

Does your horse have hooves like this? This is the hoof of a horse I rode in some of my travels this year. She was a mare maintained on a pasture and hay only diet. And it shows. This hoof is screaming deficiency… probably mainly of copper and zinc. But amino acid deficiency may also […]

Why You Should Never Ride Your Horse on an Empty Stomach

There are so many things that can affect your horse’s behaviour. One of the big ones I talked about in my ebook ‘My Horse is Lazy, My Horse is Crazy’ is pain! When your horse is in pain, his behaviour will change. And it may become anxious and difficult, or it may be that your […]

Missing Data in FeedXL? What Now…?

In FeedXL you may notice that feed ingredients are shown as having ‘Partial Data’. This means that this feed ingredient’s label provided by the manufacturing company does not contain information for all of the nutrients examined by FeedXL. Keep reading to learn why you’re seeing ‘Partial Data’, how to see which nutrients are ‘missing’, and […]

Starch & Ulcers: What’s The Deal?

You may have heard it recommended that horses with ulcers should be fed a ‘grain-free’, low starch diet. It is believed that any starch may make ulcers worse. Or stop them from healing when the horse is being medicated to resolve ulcers. But is there any scientific basis for what has now become a popular […]

How to Add ‘Free Choice Hay’ to FeedXL

If your horse has access to unlimited hay (from a roundbale, for example) you can enter it into FeedXL and the system will automatically estimate your horse’s daily intake for you. We’ve put together a video to walk you through how to enter ‘free choice hay’ into FeedXL. (Scroll down and press play to watch!) […]

Are Soybean Hulls Safe For Horses?

Are your soybean hulls safe? Because some of them definitely are NOT! I love soybean! The protein is amazing and year in, year out we feed it to horses with stunning results in muscle, bone quality and milk production. BUT… it MUST, MUST, MUST be heat treated correctly to make it safe to feed! Why […]

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