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Why isn’t Sulfur included in FeedXL?

Sulfur is a critical part of all proteins and horses need it to create protein, particularly the protein of their hooves and hair! If it’s so important, why isn’t it included in FeedXL you might ask?! We don’t include sulfur in FeedXL because the chance of a deficiency is virtually zero. Forages contain enough sulfur, […]

Is Oaten Hay Bad for My Horse’s Teeth?

Oaten hay is commonly fed to horses. Recent research by Jackson et al (2018)1 suggests however that we should be cautious with oaten hay as it may be negatively affecting our horses’ dental health! The Study Dr Kirsten Jackson (https://dentalvet.com.au) and her co-researchers found in a study of 500 Western Australian horses, that oaten hay […]

Galaxy Still Has (BAD!) Ulcers

Ohhh Galaxy… almost 6 months now on a balanced diet and near pristine environment for reducing the risk of ulcers and she STILL has SEVERE ulcers! This little girl had been on 2 months of oral omeprazole treatment before she came to me. She was scoped at the one month mark and had severe squamous […]

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