New FeedXL Features to Make Life a Bit Easier

We released a couple of new FeedXL features to FeedXL yesterday! One of them was the ability to move ingredients around in your diets so you can change the order they are in without having to delete and then re-enter them (yay!!!).

The second is that we have changed the way ingredients are added to the graph. Until now, FeedXL has always put the first ingredient on the far right of the bar graphs (so ‘on the top’ of the bar) and the last ingredient on the far left (or ‘on the bottom’)… which drove me crazy for two reasons. One, pasture was always at the top of the graph where it really made more sense to be at the bottom. And two, every time you added a new ingredient the colours for every ingredient already in the diet would change … which was confusing!

So, we switched them around … pasture will always be on the bottom (far left) and then as you add ingredients they are siply piled on top – which is much more logical. Another … ‘why didn’t we do this sooner’ moment here at FeedXL!

Two Graphs below of roughly same diet show you the ‘before’ and ‘now’ versions of the colours on the graph . Main thing to note is that the ingredients were added into FeedXL in exactly the same order, but the ‘Now’ graph has the pasture at the bottom (in green), the Before has pasture at the top (in purple). This is only a visual change so nothing too exciting, just one of those little things that make the results easier to read 

We have lots more in the pipeline… the most exciting one being the supplement finder which we should have out to Beta new week!!!

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