Hindgut Ulcers

There has been a bit of talk about hindgut ulcers in recent years; do they exist, what impact are they likely to have on a horse, how should we treat them, how do we even know if they are there… lots of questions, not a lot of answers.

But here is something for you to consider… I just spent the end of last week in a room full of dairy (as well as pig and poultry) nutritionists. They spoke a lot about sub-acute rumen acidosis (SARA) and part of that discussion was around the health of the rumen wall and the impact that SARA has on it. Essentially if you make the rumen acidic (in the same way we can make a horses hindgut acidic when we feed raw grains like corn/maize), you start to damage the gut wall. Initially this will reduce the gut linings ability to asorb nutrients (which is a huge problem in itself). BUT, make it bad enough and ulcers will appear!

The photos here (from https://vet.uga.edu/…/digest…/week02/forestomach/rumen06.htm) show rumens that have been affected by acidosis. The first (black) shows ulcers in the lining. The second shows a healed ulcer and the long term damage done.

Scary huh!!! Please when you feed think about how what you are feeding is going to affect your horse’s hindgut health. It is possibly the single most important thing to consider when feeding!

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