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How to Add Costs to FeedXL

As we all know, keeping horses can be expensive, and feed costs can quickly add up. But with FeedXL, you can easily monitor your diet-specific daily, monthly, and annual costs using the ‘Add Costs’ function.   By creating alternative diets and swapping some of the supplementation, you might create considerable savings!

How Diet Affects your Horse’s Ability to Build Muscle

Dr Nerida McGilchrist PhD presents a Guest University Lecture Your horse’s diet has a MASSIVE influence on whether your horse will build muscle or not. Muscle is made from protein, so it is the protein coming from your horse’s diet that will support muscle development for your horse. BUT… not all proteins are created equally! […]

Spotty’s Glandular Ulcers Have Healed!

Back in May last year we scoped our new pony Spotty and found she had mild glandular ulcers. The only risk factor we could ‘see’ was the fact she had been a chronic ‘sweet itch’ pony for years. You can read the backstory here Our dilemma at the time of scoping was she had already […]

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