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FeedXL: Other Cool Stuff

FeedXL isn't just a place to fine tune your horse diets; it's a place to learn, exchange, make contact, have some fun and find other useful resources...

Other Cool Stuff

Members Forums

Feeding horses sometimes isn't very straightforward. On top of that, learning to use a new tool like FeedXL effectively can take some time. Very early on when FeedXL was released to the public we realized that simply providing 'generic' help with feeding horses and using FeedXL wasn't enough. So the FeedXL Member Forums were created.

The member forums are a place where you can ask any question you like about feeding horses or using FeedXL (or any other topic you like really) and the FeedXL team will respond promptly to help you out. Read More

Help and Support

Here at FeedXL we don't only want your horse to be fed a great diet, but we want you to learn and have fun as you are doing it. And to do this, there needs to be excellent help!

We know (only too well) that feeding horses can at times be tricky and frustrating, so we provide help in the form of easy-to-read help documents throughout FeedXL, we provide monthly newsletters on current topics of interest and we also provide individual support via the FeedXL Member Forums. If you need help, we are right here to give it.

Here is what one of our members said about the help available as a member of FeedXL:

"I have just signed up for the 12 months. Yay! I also wanted to comment on how helpful and reliable your service is. I have been nothing short of impressed by the whole program, as well as your company's ability to really listen to customers, implement changes and to answer questions accurately and promptly. I must admit that it is very refreshing! Keep up the good work."

Angela Smith - Queensland

Newsletters and Blog

Each month Dr Nerida Richards writes a newsletter giving helpful advice on one specific area of feeding horses. Some of the topics to date include Avoiding Gastric Ulcers, Biotin - should you supplement?, Keeping them Eating, Feeding the Easy Keeper, Building Topline and Feeding a Horse with Laminitis.

New newsletters are available exclusively to our FeedXL members online. Once they are a few months old, newsletters are then released on the public FeedXL website for our members to share with their friends. To read all of the publicly released newsletters to date, see the Newsletters page.

The FeedXL Blog is a new 'project' Nerida is taking on where she will write a couple of short pieces of interest each week to keep herself and you on top of new research and interesting things happening in the world of horses and horse nutrition. It is something to look forward to!


We just love our testimonials page because it reminds us that FeedXL is making a difference for horses and their owners around the world. If you have time, check out our Testimonials Page for what we think are some pretty neat notes people have sent us.

If you have just a few extra minutes, have a look at our Christmas Video 2010 to see some of our members and their cute/stunning/talented horses.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question you can't find an answer for on our website? Try the Frequently Asked Questions page as what you are looking for might be there.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please email us: We are only too happy to answer any questions you might have and we promise we will be quick to respond to your emails (if you don't believe that, try us!).

About Us!

FeedXL is owned and run by 3 real people who love what they do, are committed to making sure your experience with FeedXL is a good one and that the value you gain for your horses far exceeds what you pay to be a member.

We think it is always interesting to know about the people behind something like FeedXL, so we have (not quite) bared all for you on our About Us page. Get to know us (and our 4-legged friends) a little. Read More



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