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FeedXL: How Does FeedXL Work?

OK, so this is how it goes: Tell FeedXL about your horse and what you feed. FeedXL tells you if this diet meets your horse's needs. If something is missing FeedXL helps you fix it... easy as that!

How Does FeedXL Work?

In a nutshell

Very simply, you tell FeedXL about your horse and what your horse is eating and FeedXL will tell you if what you are feeding is meeting your horse's needs for important nutrients.

The FeedXL diet wizard guides you through each step; from entering your horse's details, selecting a pasture and finding the feeds and supplements you use, right through to viewing and printing your diet results. And if you do get stuck, there is help galore within FeedXL and we are right here to help as well.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

A few simple steps and you're on your way to a balanced diet:

1. Enter your horse's details
2. Select your pasture and the number of hours your horse grazes
3. Put the feeds and supplements you are using into the diet
4. Have a look at the results to see if there are any deficiencies or excess that need fixing
5. Adjust what you are feeding until the diet is meeting all requirements; then when you are happy
6. Print your diet report

You can find more detail on each of these and more below.


When you register your horse on FeedXL, you are asked to enter a lot of detail about your horse so that the requirements FeedXL calculates for your horse are as accurate as possible. For each horse you will enter its name, age, breed, sex, bodyweight, current level of activity and condition score. You also have the opportunity to specify if your horse needs to gain or lose weight and if it holds its weight or gets thin easily. The Horses page has more info about what is included.

Nutrition related diseases

FeedXL will also ask if your horse is prone to any nutrition related disease like laminitis, tying up or OCD.

If you indicate your horse does have a disease, FeedXL either adjusts nutrient requirements accordingly or marks feeds as unsuitable to be fed to a horse with that condition. For more info, see the Diseases page.


For many horse owners, pasture is an important and inexpensive source of feed and can make up the lion's share of a horse's nutritional needs so it is very important to take pasture into account when assessing your horse's diet. FeedXL allows you to specify the type of pasture and the number of hours your horse grazes each day.

The nutrient content of pasture varies with species and location, so we always recommend you get your own pastures tested so you can use this data in FeedXL, however to get you started we have a range of generic pastures for you to include in your diets. To learn more about pastures in FeedXL, read the Pastures page.

Feeds, Forages and Supplements

FeedXL doesn't sell or produce any feeds or supplements and we don't recommend any particular feeds or supplements, so when it comes to creating diets for your horse FeedXL allows you to choose, at will, which products you use. There are literally thousands of feeds and supplements for you to use and if we don't have a product you want, just tell us and we'll do our best to get it in for you really fast.

The FeedXL diet builder makes it easy to select feeds, forages and supplements to add to your diet. Simply select the ingredient and enter the amount you are feeding. In the blink of an eye, FeedXL works out exactly which nutrients this combination of ingredients is supplying for your horse. To see more, go to the Feeds & Forages page.

Custom Feeds and Pastures

If you have your own feeds custom-made for you, or you have had your hay or pastures analyzed , you can include these in your diets in FeedXL. In fact, we encourage you to have your hay and pasture analyzed because this is the most accurate information for you to use. The Custom Feeds & Pastures page explains in more detail.

Diet Analysis

Once you have entered all your horse and feed information it is time to see how well the diet meets your horse's specific needs. Results of each diet analysis are displayed in an easy-to-read graph and table with clear warnings given if a nutrient is deficient or being supplied in excess in the diet.

You can create as many diets as you like for each horse registered with FeedXL. Each diet is analyzed for how well it meets the horse's requirements and the results shown in an easy-to-read format. To read more info, see the page on Diet Analysis.

Cost Calculator

Ever wondered how much each ingredient you feed costs you each day or how much your horse's feed costs you each month. FeedXL works it all out for you, using the prices YOU pay for your feeds and supplements. Simply enter the amount you pay for each feed, forage or supplement you use and FeedXL will give the cost of each ingredient per day, plus a total cost for the diet per day, per month and per year (girls, don't show your husbands!).

Use the diet cost calculator to help you save money on your horse's ration or to simply keep track of your expenses. For more information on the cost calculator, see the Cost Calculator page.


At the click of a button you can generate attractive and useful diet reports for your horse. Use the reports down at the feed room to keep track of individual horse's diets, use them as stable cards to make sure horses get the correct feed or simply have them as a record for what your horse was fed throughout the year. For more on reports go to the Reports page.

The Science Behind It

There is so much good science on feeding horses. But it is only useful to you if it is put in a format that is easy to use! FeedXL has done just that, taken the science available to the horse world on feeding equines and compiled it into an easy to use tool that helps make the right feeding choices for your horse. For more on the science we use to calculate your horse's nutrient requirements read The Science page.

Accurate Information

As with any 'calculator', if you put accurate information in, you will get accurate information out. Same goes with FeedXL. Entering the most accurate information possible is super important if you are going to get an accurate analysis of your horse's diet. So accurately entering your horse's body weight, the correct weight of feeds you are feeding (it is best to weigh what you are feeding) and choosing the most appropriate level of quality for hay and pasture (or better still using your own hay or pasture analysis) is going to give you better results than guessing how heavy your horse is, guessing how much and the quality of what you feed. What you put in is what you get out.

Combine FeedXL with good sense

FeedXL really is very smart and provides you with a tool that makes working out if what you are feeding your horse is meeting its requirements very simple. But there are things FeedXL doesn't know and can't do for you. For example, FeedXL doesn't know if your horse is allergic to a particular feed. FeedXL also doesn't know which feeds use good quality ingredients and which don't. And FeedXL doesn't know if some feeds suit your horse while others don't. So don't throw away what you know about feeding your horse. Combine that good sense with FeedXL and you will achieve brilliant results!

Can't wait to get started?

FeedXL is available in Standard or Advisor plans and the standard plans are available in either Pro or Lite versions. You can join us for a month or a year. Plans start from as little as $15 and to be honest, we would be surprised if you didn't save this within your first month from changes you make to your horse's diet. For more information on the plans available or to join FeedXL now, go to our Plans and Pricing page.



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