Thanks for requesting a one-on-one nutrition consultation! To help us give you the most value during our call together, please fill in the details below to the best of your ability.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Horse’s Name:

Please tell us the name of the main horse you need help with so we can find him or her in your FeedXL account.

Current Pasture and/or Hay:

Please describe if your horse has access to pasture, the type of pasture, and any hay that is available free choice (e.g. a round bale). If you are not sure, that’s OK, we can help you work this out.

Also mention if you have had your forage tested and uploaded or not.
If you have created your free choice forage in FeedXL, please tell us the name of the forage we should look at in your account.

Current Diet:

Please indicate which of the diets in FeedXL is your horse’s current diet. Or simply log into FeedXL and name it ‘Current Diet’.

Please tell us the main reason you need one-on-one help:

Describe in as much detail as possible why you have reached out for help and what it is you think we can help with to provide the most value on our call together. Writing it here just gives us time to think and to research if need be so we can be as useful as possible during our call.

Tell us about your horse:

Please provide as much detail about the main horse you want help for that you feel is relevant to your main reason you have reached out for help. Include things like temperament, the type of riding or work your horse does or breeding history for broodmares, previous medical history, any recent changes in environment (e.g. did it rain recently and now there is fresh green grass). Anything you can think of that might help us!

Is your horse under veterinary treatment?

If yes, please provide details.

5 + 2 = ?

How This Works

  1. Submit the form above to give us as much background information as you can.
  2. Make sure you have chosen and submitted a time and date from the calendar invite we sent.
  3. At the time of your consult, we will contact you via your chosen method (we recommend choosing Zoom).
  4. During the consult we will log-in to your own FeedXL account and make any diet changes directly in your account. We will rely on you to take notes during our session as we can’t offer follow up reporting at this stage.
  5. If you need additional assistance, we will ask you to book another consult session.
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