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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?

FeedXL can help to improve the diet of any horse, so whether you own horses for fun or as a business, are a serious competitor or just a weekend rider or you work as a nutritionist professionally, FeedXL has something to offer.

Who Should Use FeedXL?

It doesn't matter what sort of horse you own or train or how hard it works, feeding a diet that meets all of your horse's nutrient requirements is essential for athletic or reproductive performance, calm behavior and overall health right now and in the years to come. Getting a diet balanced and making sure it is economical is now simple using FeedXL. FeedXL is used by all types of horsemen and women, including:


Maximize breeding performance, manage growth and developmental orthopedic disease and reduce the cost of your feeding program. Read more »


Maximize athletic performance, keep horses eating, manage diseases like tying up and colic and stop wasting money on unnecessary supplements. Read more »

Pleasure Riders

Keep your horse calm, healthy and a pleasure to ride, manage diseases like laminitis and insulin resistance and maintain strong hooves and healthy joints. Read more »


Keep your horses calm and responsive, maximize athletic performance, manage diseases like tying up, and maintain strong hooves and healthy joints. Read more »


Keep your horses calm and responsive, maintain healthy joints in horses that work hard and travel long distances, maximize athletic performance and manage diseases like tying up and HYPP. Read more »

Boarding Stables and Agistment

Maximize the health of horses in your care whilst streamlining feeding time and reducing feed costs. Read more »


Quickly and easily diagnose nutrition related deficiencies and toxicities, provide rapid nutrition advice to your clients and speed patient recovery through balanced nutrition. Read more »

Nutrition Advisors

Have information for thousands of feeds and supplements at your fingertips, quickly and easily assess client diets and provide professional reports at the click of a button. Read more »


Make your store different from your competitors by helping your customers make informed choices on which feeds and supplements are most suited to their horse and their budget. Read more »



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