Are you ready to spend less on your horse’s feed?


You will learn…

✔️ How to make best use of your least expensive ingredient.

✔️ How to maximise digestion so your horse can extract every bit of nutrient possible out of what you are feeding.

✔️ Why weight loss, muscle loss and low energy are not always fixed by ‘feeding more’.

✔️ How to avoid expensive over-supplementation.

✔️ And a simple tip in winter that will reduce your feed bill.

Horses are expensive!

We love them, but gosh they cost a lot of money to keep!

And a lot of that expense is in their feed… when you own a giant animal that eats up to 3%of its own bodyweight each day, the costs start to pile up!!

And here is the thing, because we love these critters SO MUCH we always want to do the best for them. And a big part of that is feeding well.

But in ‘feeding well’, we tend to overcomplicate things.

Shiny feed bags, expensive supplements (often multiple expensive supplements!) and a tendency to overfeed means we often end up with rations for our horses that cost way more than they should!

And here is the thing… simple diets, that provide everything your horse needs, but ONLY what your horse needs are better for your horse AND they cost less $$!

Join us for a fun, interactive Masterclass that will teach you how to feed your horse for less!

You will learn how to feed in a way that allows your horse to get every bit of nutrition out of what you feed (so you can feed less). Plus we will show you how to make use of the most economical source of nutrition there is (to reduce the amount of feed you need to buy).

And, with the 5 ways we will show you how to reduce feeding costs, you will also improve your horse’s overall diet and gut health. This creates calmer horses that positively glow!

Healthier, calmer horses that cost less to feed! Sound good??

You bet it does, and it is very achievable.

Find out how in our ‘How To Reduce Feeding Costs’ Free Masterclass!

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