Want to learn how to feed your endurance horse?


We Discuss…

✔️ Managing body condition, and what is the perfect body condition for a 100 mile horse?

✔️ The importance of forage and which forages are best

✔️ Managing grain and using them to best advantage

✔️ Balancing the diet

✔️ Choosing an electrolyte and how to use electrolytes

✔️ How to keep them eating during the race

✔️ What to feed during the loops

✔️ Use of electrolytes during the race

✔️ Strategies for avoiding a metabolic vet-out; and

✔️ Managing stress

✔️ A simple tool to give you peace of mind around feeding your horse

Join Tarsha Walsh, world renowned endurance nutritionist as we answer all your questions about about feeding horses for 100 miles!

When it comes to endurance the epitome is the 100 miler or 160 km’s. It’s the toughest of challenges  for horse and rider.  We’re talking elevations of 15000 ft, steep, rough and wet terrain and did we already mention 100 miles!

Feeding horses for these kind of races takes a lot of experience, knowledge, intuition and science. Join us to talk about balancing the diet, managing body condition, helping the horse cope with stress, feeding during the loops, managing electrolytes and hydration… and generally how do we manage nutrition to get these horses finishing races to the best of their ability.

Our guest for this workshop is Tarsha Walsh.  Tarsha is one of the worlds most experienced endurance nutritionists, currently working in a large UAE based endurance stable. Under Tarsha’s expert guidance, this stable has won multiple races this season.

Join us for this fantastic opportunity to hear from one of the best and most experienced endurance nutritionists in the world.

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