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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Veterinarians

Easily diagnose nutrient deficiencies or excesses and complement your Veterinary practice with solid nutrition advice for your clients, supported by FeedXL.


Easily diagnose nutrient deficiency or excess based on a horse's diet

By entering accurate details of what a horse is currently being fed, FeedXL will show you if there is any marked deficiency or excess that could be causing clinical symptoms in the horse. In the case of nutrients like iodine, assessing the diet is the only way a deficiency or excess can be diagnosed. FeedXL now makes that easy for you.

Speed recovery of patients through balanced nutrition

Good nutrition goes hand in hand with professional medical care to ensure the rapid and complete recovery of patients. FeedXL allows you to quickly create balanced diets for patients, whether they are recovering from injury, surgery or illness.

Provide rapid and accurate nutrition advice to clients

As veterinarians, you are looked to for professional advice on the feeding and nutrition of horses. This can however be a time consuming task given the number of feeds and supplements now available to horse owners. FeedXL provides you with a tool that allows you to make a rapid assessment of a horse's current diet, correct any deficiencies or excess that may be affecting horse health and provide a report to the horse's owner at the click of a button.

Help clients manage diseases like laminitis, colic, HYPP, tying up and Cushing's disease

Nutrition related diseases can be tricky to manage. Add to that the vast number of feeds and supplements that claim to be suitable for horses with these diseases and the result is horse owners that are confused and frustrated about what to feed their horse.

By simply ticking a box when you fill in your client's horse's details to indicate a horse is prone to one or more of these diseases, FeedXL will help you select appropriate feeds and supplements to manage these conditions.

Streamline your hospital feeding regimes

Use FeedXL to save time for your hospital staff by creating simple, balanced diets that are economical and easy to mix and feed.

FeedXL Advisor Plans

The FeedXL Advisor Plans have been developed specifically for professionals providing nutrition advice. The Advisor plans allow you to easily manage any number of clients horses and keep track of their diets throughout the year. See our FeedXL Advisor Plans page for more information and pricing.



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