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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Trainers

Create diets that provide fuel for racing, promote muscle growth, keep horses sound, avoid disease and most importantly keep them eating!


Increase muscle mass and strength

The amount of muscle a horse has affects how far and how fast that horse can run. One vital key to building powerful muscle to improve performance is providing the correct nutrients for muscles to strengthen and grow. FeedXL will make sure you provide these critical nutrients in your horse's diet to maximize muscle building.

Support healthy joints and strong bone

Balanced nutrition is the foundation for healthy joints and strong bones. FeedXL will enable you to put together diets that contain all of the essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins required for building and maintaining strong bone and joints to give your horses the best possible chance of a having sound and successful racing career.

Keep horses eating

Any trainer will tell you that keeping horses eating is one of the biggest challenges in training elite horses. Rations that are too salty or over fortified with supplements, as well as diets with too little fibre and large amounts of uncooked grain can all lead to a loss of appetite in racing horses. FeedXL will help you create diets that are not too salty or over fortified with foul tasting supplements and will help you manage forage and grain intake to achieve the balance between keeping the gut healthy, keeping the horse eating and having what he needs to win races.

For more info on how you can keep your horses eating, read our FeedXL newsletter Keeping them Eating.

Reduce gastric ulcers

Gastric ulcers are said to affect over 90% of horses in training and can seriously impact a horse's performance. FeedXL will help you to manage the rations of these horses and put in place management strategies that will reduce the incidence and severity of gastric ulcers.

For more information on gastric ulcers, read our FeedXL Newsletter Avoiding Gastric Ulcers.

Avoid deficiencies that will limit performance

Underfeeding race horses or failing to supply enough vital minerals and vitamins in their rations will limit their performance. By alerting you when a requirement for a nutrient is not being met, FeedXL will make sure you always feed what your horse needs to perform at its best.

Keep costs down by feeding only what is needed

The fear of not providing everything in a horse's diet that he needs for top level performance often drives trainers to add multiple supplements in an attempt to cover all bases. This however often leads to rations tasting disgusting and being horrendously expensive. FeedXL will give you the peace of mind that you need to know your horse is getting everything he needs, thus allowing you to feed only what is needed, reducing costs and keeping feeds tasty.

Manage tying up and colic

Tying up and colic are two major diseases that can limit the performance of race horses. Both of these issues can be managed through preventative nutrition. FeedXL helps you to give horses prone to tying up the critical nutrients they need, like antioxidants and electrolytes to avoid further episodes. FeedXL will also assist in feeding management, helping you to calculate minimum amounts of forage and optimum amounts of grain based feeds and oils for horses prone to colic and tying up.

A newsletter about feeding horses to prevent tying up is available online to our FeedXL members.

Keep hooves strong and healthy

Racehorses often have trouble with their hooves. The high grain diets, lack of access to green forage, constant reshoeing and working on hard surfaces can all contribute. An unbalanced diet will also make any problems the horse may have much worse. Before you reach for a hoof supplement, use FeedXL to make sure all the important nutrients for hoof growth are being supplied in the diet.

You may find balancing the diet is all your horse needs for healthy hooves. And if you do need to use a hoof supplement, feeding it with a balanced diet will make it all the more effective. For more info on hoof health and Biotin, read our newsletter Biotin - should you supplement?

Which FeedXL Plan is Right for Trainers?

As a trainer we recommend you use FeedXL Pro. FeedXL Pro allows you to carefully manage all aspects of nutrition for equine athletes including the full range of electrolyte minerals and B-group vitamins which are not available on FeedXL Lite. For more information on the plans see our Pricing and Plans page or join FeedXL now by using the form below.



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