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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Retailers

Giving nutrition advice is part of the retail experience - you are the first port of call for horse owners. FeedXL can help you give the right advice about which feed is best for each horse


Help your customers make informed feed choices

Being right there at the point of sale when horse owners are making their final choice on which feeds to buy for their horse means you are frequently called upon for assistance. But with so many feeds and supplements available, and the many variables like disease and temperament that can affect a horse's requirements, giving accurate advice can be difficult.

FeedXL gives you a tool that allows you to quickly and accurately assess which feeds are suitable for individual horses.

Set FeedXL up as a kiosk for your customers, or operate it yourself to provide valuable nutrition help to your customers. FeedXL can help make your store different, keeping your customers coming back again and again.

Compare feeds for your customers

With so many feeds available for horses, it really is hard to know which one is most suitable for individual horses. Reading bag labels and comparing feeding rates to try and calculate which is best for a particular horse is time consuming and without doing some serious numbers, can be inaccurate.

FeedXL allows you to easily and accurately compare feeds to find the most suitable one for a particular horse. Simply put each feed into the horse's diet and check the results to see which one is best at meeting requirements. With the feed cost calculator, FeedXL also makes it simple to calculate the daily cost of each feed.

Assess new products on the market

FeedXL allows you to stay ahead by giving you a simple tool with which you can assess how good new products are entering the marketplace. Make your choice on whether or not to stock a particular product with the help of FeedXL.

Peace of mind

Regardless of the experience or know-how of your staff, take comfort that FeedXL is based on the latest nutritional science and is easy to use, giving you peace of mind about the advice your customers receive when making their purchases.

FeedXL Advisor Plans

The FeedXL Advisor Plans have been developed specifically for businesses providing nutrition assistance. The Advisor plans allow you to easily manage any number of customers horses and keep track of their diets as needed throughout the year. See our FeedXL Advisor Plans page for more information and pricing.



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