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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Equestrian

Manage your horse's long term health, maximize performance and keep your feed costs down. Whether you're a jumper, hunter, dressage rider, eventer or anything in between, FeedXL can help.


Maintain calm, responsive behavior

Responsive but calm can be hard to achieve. What you feed and the balance of your horse's diet can really impact on behavior . Too little and they can be tired with lack lustre performance. Too much, the wrong kind of feed or a deficiency of nutrients, like vitamin B1 and magnesium, can make your horse hot and over reactive.

Using FeedXL to balance the diet, finding just the right amount and best type of feeds means you can keep your horse feeling great, but still calm, responsive and performing at his best. A newsletter about 'Feeding for Behavior ' is available to our members online.

Support healthy joints and strong bone

Diet has a huge impact on the health of your horse's joints and bones. Trace mineral and vitamin deficiencies as well as low quality protein in the diet can contribute to joint and bone degeneration. Use FeedXL to make sure your horse's requirements for these critical nutrients are met to keep their joints and bones healthy for years to come. If you are using joint supplements FeedXL will also make sure your diet provides a solid foundation for these supplements to provide maximum benefit.

Build muscle mass

Whatever your horse's chosen discipline, strong performance requires strong muscles. And to build strong muscles your horse needs a well balanced diet with optimum levels of quality protein, zinc and B vitamins. Use FeedXL to create balanced diets with everything your horse needs to build beautiful, strong muscle. For more info, read our Newsletter on Building Topline.

Avoid deficiency that will limit performance

While your horse's performance is never going to exceed his natural ability, feeding a FeedXL balanced diet that meets needs for energy, protein, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals will ensure your horse's performance is not limited by nutrition.

Manage tying up and laminitis

Horses with tying up and laminitis need very specific diets to prevent a recurrence of these crippling diseases (read our newsletter about Feeding a Horse with Laminitis). By simply ticking a box when you fill in your horse's details to indicate your horse is prone to these diseases, FeedXL will help you select appropriate feeds and supplements to manage these conditions and keep your horse performing at his best. FeedXL can help you manage many other diseases including colic, tying up (both PSSM and RER forms), grain intolerance, Cushing's disease, HYPP and developmental orthopedic diseases.

Keep hooves strong and healthy

Good basic nutrition is often all a horse needs to grow strong, healthy hooves. So, before you reach for an expensive biotin hoof supplement, use FeedXL to balance your horse's diet and make sure requirements for quality protein and trace minerals, including copper and zinc, are met. You may find balancing the diet is all your horse needs for healthy hooves. And if you do need to use a hoof supplement, feeding it with a balanced diet will make it all the more effective. For more info on hoof health and biotin, read our Newsletter Biotin - should you supplement?.

Achieve brilliant coat shine and color

Nutrient deficiencies and unbalanced diets affect your horse's health and this often shows in washed out coat color , dry, flaky skin and dull coats. By using FeedXL to feed a well balanced diet that meets all your horse's requirements for essential nutrients you will keep your horse fantastically healthy on the inside and this will show on the outside, with amazing coat color and shine. FeedXL makes it easy for you to achieve the best coat your horse has ever had. For more info, read our Newsletter on Feeding For Coat Shine and listen to Dr Richards talk on this topic with Glenn on the Horse Radio Network Daily Tips Show.

Keep costs down by feeding only what you need

Because you don't know exactly what your horses need in their diet the natural tendency is to overfeed 'just in case'. Overfeeding, particularly of supplements, provides your horse with no benefit (in fact it can be harmful) and costs you an unnecessary fortune. FeedXL allows you to see exactly which nutrients your horse needs and when the diet you are feeding meets those needs, so you can avoid waste and stop throwing away money (that could be better spent on rugs, boots, hats, saddles ... you get what we mean!).

Which FeedXL Plan is Right for You?

As a competitor we recommend you use FeedXL Pro. FeedXL Pro allows you to carefully manage all aspects of nutrition for equine athletes including the full range of electrolyte minerals and B-group vitamins which are not available on FeedXL Lite. For more information on the plans see our Plans and Pricing page or join FeedXL now by using the form below.



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