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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Breeders

FeedXL allows you to create diets that support fertility and sound growth and development while keeping your feeds costs down.


Prevent nutrition related developmental orthopedic disease

Excess digestible energy and deficiencies of calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and manganese are well known to increase the incidence of developmental orthopedic disease including OCD in growing foals.

FeedXL will allow you to manage the energy intake and growth rates of foals, weanlings and yearlings and make sure you meet your pregnant mare and growing horse requirements for the important minerals to reduce the risk of problems in your youngsters.

Support milk production

Lactating mares have huge requirements for energy, good quality protein and the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Deficiencies of these nutrients, as well as shortages of other nutrients like sodium can reduce a mare's milk production and stunt the growth of her foal.

FeedXL makes sure you meet her demand for these important nutrients to support optimum milk production and foal growth.

Improve fertility and conception rates

Mares that are low in condition or losing weight after foaling are much harder to get in foal.

FeedXL will allow you to accurately manage energy and protein intakes and body condition in mares to improve fertility and conception rates.

FeedXL will also make sure you avoid other vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may affect fertility.

Optimize growth and development in growing horses

While we know growing young horses too fast can lead to problems with their bones and joints, having them grow too slowly can also stunt their growth and limit their future potential.

FeedXL will allow you to easily manage energy and protein intakes and eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies to achieve optimum rates of growth, giving you the best chance possible at having well grown, but sound youngsters.

Maximize use of pasture and reduce feed costs

Pasture is an excellent source of digestible energy, protein, vitamins and some minerals.

By using your own pasture analysis in FeedXL, you can maximize the use of this relatively cheap but valuable resource in your horses' diets to reduce your feed costs and still know that your horses are getting everything they need for optimum growth and fertility.

Maximize stallion fertility and longevity

Let's face it, you don't get brilliant stallions very often, so you need to really look after the ones you have got.

With colic, laminitis and infertility being serious threats to modern day stallions, you can use FeedXL to closely manage grain and forage intake to reduce the risk of colic and laminitis and meet important requirements for fertility including selenium and vitamin E.

Manage dry mare bodyweight and fatness

Because we know the nutrition of dry pregnant mares is critical to the health and soundness of her foal, these mares are often overfed in an attempt to make sure they get everything they need.

Unfortunately this often leads to overweight mares.

With FeedXL you can accurately manage feeding programs to meet your dry mares' important requirements without overfeeding.

Reduce the risk of retained placenta

Selenium deficiency is well known to increase the risk of retained placenta in mares which can then lead to many other problems including laminitis.

FeedXL will make sure your mares' requirements for selenium are met and help you avoid this serious, but preventable problem.

Prepare well grown and muscled weanlings and yearlings for show and sale.

With a heavy focus on showing and selling horses at weanling and yearling age, it is important for you as a breeder to have well grown and athletic looking young horses.

But you have to be careful you don't strive to achieve this by growing out your youngsters too fast at the cost of structural soundness.

Use FeedXL to carefully manage their energy, protein, mineral and vitamin intakes to achieve optimum growth rates and sound, healthy joints and bones.

Which FeedXL Plan is Right for Breeders?

As a breeder you can use either FeedXL Pro or FeedXL Lite. If you are a serious breeder and breed from your mares regularly each year or if your mares are kept on average to poor pasture we recommend you use FeedXL Pro for the best long term health of your mares and foals. If you are a 'hobby' breeder, breeding from your mares only occasionally and if you have your mares on good quality pasture most of the year FeedXL Lite will serve your purposes well. For more information on the plans see our Pricing and Plans page or join FeedXL now by using the form below.



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