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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Boarding & Agistment

First class care includes first class nutrition. FeedXL makes it easy and cost effective to keep clients' horses healthy, calm and a picture of health.

Boarding & Agistment

Reduce costs - feed only what horses need

We understand that the health of horses in your care is a priority. We also know that horses can be expensive to feed and as a business, you need to make money. Using FeedXL and its state-of-art feed cost calculator, you can formulate diets that give horses everything they need without costing the earth. Your horses and your bank balance will look great and your clients will be very happy.

Impress your clients with healthy horses

If every horse in your stables, yards and paddocks was a picture of health, with glowing coats and healthy hooves, what more would you need to keep your clients happy and attract new boarders to your facility. FeedXL will help you achieve this, while keeping the cost of feeding down.

Streamline feeding time - use fewer products, reduce mixing time

Mixing feeds can be ridiculously time consuming and is often a hidden cost in many feeding programs. FeedXL will allow you to create balanced, yet simple diets that reduce mixing and feeding time while optimizing horse health.

Keep owners informed

Horse owners like to know what is happening with their horse and be involved with its management. FeedXL makes it easy to keep owners up-to-date with comprehensive reports that are simple to generate and email to clients.

Quick and easy report generation

Create comprehensive reports for each horse and diet simply with a mouse click. These PDF reports also make it easy for you to keep track of what each horse is being fed along with any changes to their diets.

Make best use of pasture and reduce feed costs

Pasture is not only good for horses; it is also one of your most cost effective sources of nutrition, providing energy, protein, vitamins and varying levels of minerals. By having your pasture analyzed and using this information in FeedXL to only add to your boarders' diets what is missing from the pasture, you can make balanced, yet cost effective diets that optimize the health of each and every horse you care for.

Which FeedXL plan is right for you?

The plan you use really depends on your business. If you board horses mainly in stables or yards or the horses in your care are owned by serious riders and competitors we recommend you use FeedXL Pro. If you primarily care for horses in light or no work or if all of your horses are kept in good quality pasture, FeedXL Lite will meet all your needs. For more information on the plans see our Plans and Pricing page or join FeedXL now by using the form below.



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