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FeedXL: Who Should Use FeedXL?: Nutrition Advisors

Take the hard work out of providing client advice. FeedXL has all the latest science, updated feeds and reports at the click of a button, giving you more quality time with clients.

Nutrition Advisors

Quickly and accurately assess client horse diets

Before you can assess a horse's diet, you need to have detailed information on the nutrient content of the feeds, forages and supplements a horse is being fed. Collecting this information can be time consuming and difficult. But here at FeedXL, we have done that work for you. With an extensive database of over 7,000 feeds, forages and supplements readily available in FeedXL, assessing a horse's diet is quick and easy, simply select the ingredients the horse is being fed, enter the amounts and look at the results.

Provide professional reports at the click of a button

Report writing is a tedious and time consuming task. FeedXL makes manual report writing a thing of the past! Create professional, comprehensive reports for your clients at the click of a button. Provide your clients with extensive reports on their horse's current diet and your suggested revised diets in a matter of seconds. For more information, see our How does FeedXL Work - Reports page.

Have information about thousands of feeds and supplements at your finger tips

We have done the hard work for you by collecting information on feeds, forages and supplements. The FeedXL database contains detailed data on over 7,000 feeds, forages and supplements. New ingredients are added daily and existing ingredients are updated as soon as new information becomes available. Having this information so readily available allows you to spend more time with your clients.

Assess diets in the field or the office

FeedXL is online and fully portable, use it from any computer, anywhere! So whether you're in your office or out in the field with clients, you can quickly assess diets wherever and whenever you need.

FeedXL Advisor Plans

The FeedXL Advisor Plans have been developed specifically for professionals providing nutrition advice. The Advisor plans allow you to easily manage any number of clients horses and keep track of their diets throughout the year. See our FeedXL Advisor Plans page for more information and pricing.



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