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FeedXL: Other Cool Stuff: Testimonials

FeedXL - making a difference for horses and their owners around the world. Here are just some of the cool little notes our members have sent us over the last few years...


This is awesome, THANK YOU! I just used the cost feature for the first time, and it is PERFECT!!!!!

I tell everybody about FeedXl. Absolutely worth every penny!

The addition of FeedXL on my farm has transformed my horses into gleaming works of art! Before they looked healthy and happy but now they glow with a shine and health that gets lots of comments wherever I take them.

Vickey Hollingsworth Wisconsin, USA

I have a great "Before & After" photo I use to show my friends why I use your site. There's a difference of 200lbs and a dull shaggy coat to clean shiny dappled coat.

Jarrah Washington, USA (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Thank you so much! This program is AMAZING! I've been using a different one for about the past 6 months, and I'll never return :) Yours is incredibly comprehensive and user-friendly. Not to mention that you have been wonderfully helpful and quick! Thank you!

I tell FeedXL to anyone and everyone who has questions about feed analysis

Emily Arizona, USA

Terrific website, love the info, thanks for the quick reply!

Debra Minnesota, USA

I want to thank you. I was told to simplify my horses' diet. That he would likely get what vitamins he needs from his forage. I discovered through FeedXL that that was incorrect and likely the cause of additional problems. His diet is now balanced and I'm hoping it helps him to improve.

Two things I found out that I did not realize: 1) vitamin Bs and folic acid assist with correct digestion; and 2) iodine assists the thyroid. Getting weight off this horse has been an ongoing battle for years. He is now losing weight with increased iodine. Finally!

Thank you very much! While my horse is not a grand champion or anything, he's worth a billion dollars to me; he's the perfect horse and steals everyone's heart. I just want to thank you, I truly appreciate the work you all put into this!

Aileen California, USA

Thanks so much- I shall go back and re-do my horses' diets. The feedxl diet is GREAT !

Kris Pennsylvania, USA

This is a wonderful tool you are creating - I'm learning lots!

Susan Connecticut, USA

I love this idea that you guys are doing. I have agonized over converting IU to mg ad infinitum trying to know if my horse is getting what she needs. I am curious how you guys are doing this (figuring this all out!), but am also very grateful!

Erin Texas, USA

Every time I did a report then went back stuff was magically appearing. I was thinking "Damn they are good!"

Lynda Washington, USA

Thank you very much! This is such an amazing program, I am just in awe!

Aly Yearry Illinois, USA

Thanks! This is the coolest site. It would be even cooler if it recommended products that might round out the nutritional needs - specifically the vitamins and minerals. I need to figure out if there is a substitute or if I should be adding an additional supplement to improve their B1.

M J Virginia, USA

FeedXL says: FeedXL currently provides guidance on how to improve nutrients that are showing as deficient but doesn't recommend specific commercial products.

This program is so wonderful. I am playing around with ingredients and realize that so much of what I am feeding maybe makes me feel like I am doing something but is really not doing anything for the horse. I can really simplify my horsesÕ diets and save hundreds of $ a year and the horse should not suffer.

Laurie Canada

I must commend your help desk on being extremely quick to respond to issues. The best service response time I've ever seen. I'm happy to see how much the program has expanded to include most of the feeds and supplements that are commonly used.

Marissa Canada

This is the condition you get when your feed is right... thanks to FeedXL - one of our precious mares, Scarlett is due to drop our first homebred Saddlebred foal in two weeks. We have used Feed XL at our stud since the early 'Equilize' days. Thank you for an amazing product.

Silvia Kutle Black Orchid Stud, Western Australia (submitted via Facebook)

FeedXL has made a huge difference with my being confident that I am feeding my young horses in a way I meet all their nutritional needs. I was shocked when I first designed their diet that what I thought was a great feeding regime was in fact way over the top for some minerals and way under for others - and I thought I was giving them a balanced diet!! So it brings reality to what they actually need not what I think they should be having so I am very appreciative of the work you have done.

Cathy Victoria, Australia

Thannnnks you soo much.

I lurve your programme, it makes budgeting for feed so much easier

Sara Western Australia, Australia

I have thoroughly enjoyed using FeedXL; the user interface is very easy to navigate around and I feel comfortable knowing that what I feed will be the right thing.

Amanda New South Wales, Australia

Poppet before Poppet before

I thought I would show you the before and after shots of my 2 year old TB filly [Poppet]. She arrived with me in April this year.

Rebecca Norrish Western Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Here are some pics of my yearling Quarter Horse filly. Her name is Zip Bar Super Star - I call her Lia.

I use FeedXL to balance her feed and I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Joyce Hollenberg Victoria, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)


I would like to thank you for almost halving my feed bill, and more importantly making my ponies healthier then ever!

The grey pony is Ted, this is the first year his coat has had some sparkle in it, and he holds his weight a lot easier now!

The chestnut is Scottie... his mane is usually blonde... but his new fav scratching tree is one that burnt in the bush fires, so hence the stained pony!

Bridget M. Victoria, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Semi Promise thoroughbred with Benchmark Welcome Stranger Wolkentanz foal (Hanoverian) Mare fed & foal with feedxl diet.

Janette Lewis QLD, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

My beautiful "Feed XL" horse's name is "Gunner Get Ya" He is a 4yr old Paint Horse Gelding by Son of a Gun (IMP). There is not one bit of "shine in a can" used on this horse, just a truly balanced diet.

I have been using Feed XL for years now, even back when it was called Equilize!

Rachel Longworth QLD, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Misty is my biggest success story with Feedxl. As you can see she went from a thoroughbred looking clydesdale to a proper looking clydesdale in 12 months and is now feeding the fattest 4 month old colt and still gaining weight! The colt is my second Drum horse - Bentley.

Jane Stephens QLD, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

This is Murphy, a Drum horse colt. Abby his dam and Murphy are both on feedxl diets. This is the first foal that Abby has had that i could keep the weight on her and have a huge foal actually put on weight and look good. This was taken 1 month after weaning.

Jane Stephens QLD, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

This is a picture of my horse Sam. He went from being super thin, to now, within a healthy weight range.

He has turned into such a sweet animal, and thanks to FeedXL, I now have him on a balance diet, gaining weight, and super happy.

Just look at the love :)

Caitie Calder QLD, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Attached is a photo of my gorgeous 18yo TB, Fuselar, looking a picture of health on his FeedXL diet.

Phillip C. Victoria, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Hercules Morse

Hi There, Here is my photo with Hercules Morse who has been on a FeedXL diet for some months. He was 3rd in State Championship of Australian Carriage Driving Assocation.. What a champ he is.

Liz Trigg South Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Here is a photo of our mare Fantail and her foal, the foal is about 15hrs old in the photo. His name is Little Man Sphinifex. As you can see Fantail has not lost any weight due to being feed the recommended diet through Feed XL. Also attached is a picture of Fantail at the Darwin Royal Show, when she was 3 months off foaling.

Alexandra Kastellorizios and Linda Edwards Northern Territory, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Enclosed is a picture of myself & my Appaloosa Buckskin Yearling Colt, Kids Classy Style. He won several Championships at the Nationals 2010 & he is a Feed XL horse.

Natalie Fries South Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Here is Abbey my arab mare in our attempt at a western show . She is 16 and looking great with her balance feedxl diet!

My QH is just getting his weight back after an injury (right)... thanks feedxl for your help balancing his diet, with all his allergies etc.

Rebecca F. Western Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

This is my paint mare Plush 24 hours after foaling - fed (as are all my broodmares and foals) using the FeedXL program. She is a prime example of how good my horses look on one third of the cost I used to spend.

LOVE FeedXL!!! thanks for everything

Gina Parry New South Wales, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

My two favourite pictures from 2010 - another successful year with FeedXL diets. Very happy to report that my ultra-spooky mare is not only looking great and feeling fabulous, but that even though I've switched to a high grain diet, those UFOs aren't scaring the pants off of her anymore!

Just goes to show that if the diet is balanced, many previous behavioural and physical issues become non-existent.

Pic one is our first ever championship event (third in that class!), and pic two was a winter dawn - the surprise visitor flew so low over our heads I could hear what the passengers were saying, and the mare never blinked an eyelid.

Mel Donald QLD, Australia (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

Have been meaning to tell you that the horses are looking great. Rex's coat particularly since I have had him on the balanced diet looks amazing, not bad for a 30 year old!

Erlina Compton Queensland, Australia

I used the FeedXL and found that I was killing my horses with an overdose of vitamin A... no wonder their skin was falling off! If I hadn't tried FeedXL , I would have been none the wiser. I did wonder why my horse's skin was so bad.

FeedXL discovered my problem..thankfully as I was about to increase the dosage of the coat supplement. I still can't believe I was about to increase the vitamin A levels with the coat supplement as I thought my horses were lacking in vitamins..hence the dry flaking skin. I think most owners would think their horse needs "something" more to get it glossy.

Trudy Queensland, Australia

Another win for FeedXL!

Jango Dancer of Brackenhill "Gypsy Cob of the Year" APSB (Vic) Stud Show, 2011 (also, 1st place stallion 4 & over, Reserve Champion).

Geraldine Chapman Victoria, Australia

I also take this opportunity to congratulate you on the new FeedXL program - I now use it all the time and find it so easy and quick to formulate or check a ration. I thought that I was pretty whippy using Equilize which I really like, but FeedXL is so much better to use and find feeds etc and quickly balance rations.

You and the FeedXL team have created a truly user-friendly, accurate and information loaded tool for horse owners- you have to be congratulated!

Dr John Kohnke New South Wales, Australia

I have really enjoyed using your program. I was in quite a dilemma over my feed program before I found FeedXL. I had moved back to Australia from the US and with all the tropical grasses and big head and soil deficiencies I didn't know what I was doing and seemed every one I talked to had a different idea. I had a mare in late gestation and was concerned. Now all the guess work has been eliminated and I can rest assured my horses are being fed a nutritionally balanced diet, the foal is now 2 months old and looks fantastic and so does the mare. Thanks for a great program, keep up the good work.

P.S....The only person who may not be to happy with this program would be my feed store man, because I only spend half of what I used to before FeedXL.

Janelle Dixon Queensland, Australia

We operate a professional breaking and training business and as such handle young foals and weanlings, two year olds and everything right through to older campaigned show horses. We currently vary our feed accordingly however FeedXL has been an excellent tool for us to ensure all the horses in our care are receiving adequate nutrition to suit their needs. FeedXL is a useful and valuable tool for any horse business.

Sophie Houlihan Queensland, Australia

I have just signed up for the 12 months. Yay! I also wanted to comment on how helpful and reliable your service is. I have been nothing short of impressed by the whole program, as well as your company's ability to really listen to customers, implement changes and to answer questions accurately and promptly. I must admit that it is very refreshing! Keep up the good work.

Angela Smith Queensland, Australia

I'm unable to express in words quite how helpful & beneficial I've found this software program. Simplicity, professionalism, almost instantaneous answers to queries & the bonus of forums in which users can bounce around ideas, all contribute to making this an essential tool for any professional business.

Gay Harbord Victoria, Australia

I have only just got into horses in the last few years, myself and my OH have a young palomino QH. We have used feedxl to cut our feed costs down by about $30 a week.

Ben Western Australia

Now the horse is talked about at competitions for how elegant and beautiful he is and what a talented dressage horse he is rather than for what a fat stumpy-legged waddling excuse for a dressage horse. Extreme thanks to Nerida and all the crew.

Tony New South Wales, Australia

FeedXL is the most accurate and easy system to use. It's an excellent guide to what's in your horse's feed and whether its real needs are being satisfied. People with whom I work who are using FeedXL have saved money on feed costs and they have been very happy with the results; it pays for itself.

Dr. John Kohnke Equine Nutrition Specialist
New South Wales, Australia

I *thought* my diet was pretty good, and it was OK. But I've come to realise how much some of the supplements really don't live up to their reputation or marketing, and how some feeds really do not contain much of anything!

I'm having a blast!!! And saving money!!!

Kylie Queensland, Australia

Feed cost and less wastage was one of the reasons I started to use Equilize. We use a set of hanging scales and weigh our feeds. This has made an amazing difference to the amount of feed I was using. We first weighed what we used to feed them and then weighed from the program....WOW! We were sending a lot of feed through them that wasnt needed.

We now spend less on feed and the horses are healthier for it!

This program is going to be an absolute corker!!!

Connie New South Wales, Australia

Well, I have had my daughter's pony officially diagnosed with Cushing's last week. Without this program I probably would still be fumbling my way through the minefield of suitable feeds.

Michelle Maybury New South Wales, Australia

Update from Michelle 3 months later:

It's official, woohoo, my daughter's pony made it through xmas and is doing really well. He is eating like a pig and has gained the appropriate amount of weight. We were unsure that he would make it through.He is now well enough to start earning his keep.

Last year was a horrid year trying to keep him alive and I never want to go down that road again. I know eventually his cushings will catch up with him and the inevitable will have to be done but for now we are just enjoying having him back with us.

I have a yearling Percheron X TB. He was born valentines day and as a result named Casanova. We call him Cass. When he arrived in March this year I was greeted by this pathetic excuse for a yearling. He looked like an underweight sickly weaner. The photos here do NOT do justice to how underweight and small he was!

I was however, lucky enough to have Neridas' help with his diet, and advice on what he needed to recover. Now I have this brilliant program Feedxl, I can be sure he's getting everything he needs as he grows and changes. I know if I didn't have help with his diet, I would've been feeding him three times as much and getting half the results.

Jaclyn New South Wales, Australia

I think I am in love....with your program.... this is heaven! Oh thankyou...... as if I need yet another horse site to be spending time on!!!!....but at least this one is worthwhile!

Danee Jenks Western Australia

I'm going to renew my subscription to a yearly. I found it brilliant for working out a feeding plan for my old cushings horse. It's also fun as well, so I'm now a convert. I've never liked using pre-mixed feeds, but always worried that my horses were missing out. I now have the solution!!!!

Michelle Le Grew Victoria, Australia

Update from Michelle:

My old cushings horse Ossie is going very well, he is bright and happy, and his coat is gleaming. Thanks to FeedXL It is so easy now to know what I can feed him, and I am happy in the knowledge that he is getting all his nutritional needs met. My feed bill is much cheaper as well.

Again, many thanks for all your help so far - especially the program, it's so extensive & if dummies like me find it user friendly, it must be simple.

Gay Harbord Victoria, Australia

If I didn't have FeedXL, which is heaps better than Equalize I would still be in no mans land wondering whether I was feeding them the right thing and probably over feeding, rather than feeding them the right amounts, which I do now.

Melanie Paterson Tasmania, Australia

If you're not feeding them via FeedXL - then you're simply not giving them what they deserve.

Tony Laurent Queensland, Australia

Thanks to FeedXL I've been able to save $30 a week so far, doing the diets for all my horses that are fed a particular product. I found it makes little difference to their overall diet if I include this feed or delete it, all their levels are in the green without it, makes me a very happy horsey mum, thank you guys, this program is fabulous and of course I've told all my horsey friends about it so hopefully they'll be able to gain the same benefits as all of us.

Clarissa Griggs Tasmania, Australia

What a brilliant, easy to use program. WOW!

Caroline Rutten Western Australia

I have a HUGE complaint about Feed XL. I spend hours in front of the computer making up diets for my horses because it is such a great programme to play with. Trouble is, I don't get around to riding my horses, so I have to keep changing their work level !!! Just kidding, well done guys, Feed XL is terrific. I am now using one commercial feed for my four horses who have very different requirements and have halved my feed costs. Thanks heaps

Maree Monaghan, BVSc (HONS) Queensland, Australia

I have been using FeedXL for about 6 months and will definitely keep using it! FeedXL gives me the confidence that my horses get exactly what they need and as this software gives me the option to even put in my own horse feeds, FeedXL is as acurate as a horse diet can get. This software is worth every single cent and my horses have never looked better.

Katrin Renz New South Wales, Australia

Thought you might like a photo of my rising 3yo reining Quarter horse gelding GB HOLLYWOOD GRIP. Thanks for saving me money and for making my baby look amazing.

Swan Michel Marlborough, New Zealand (submitted via Facebook)

Maggie and Sam - having a naked day

I just want to thank you for making Feed XL My horses have never looked better. I cannot recommend you enough to all my friends.

Kathryn Polglase Bay of Plenty, New Zealand (in response to a call for photos for our Christmas Video 2010)

When I started looking around FeedXL, it very quickly exceeded all my expectations. It's an absolutely fabulous programme, with such an extensive database of product and nutritional information, hints and tips, and warnings when you are selecting the wrong kind of feed etc. The forums are wonderful too.

Gillian Todd
Birtwick Park Livery Stables
New Zealand

I think your customer service astounding ! This program is great but the service is even better!

Lis Good New Zealand

Thank you heaps - awesome service!

Louise New Zealand

Think your site is fantastic and much needed. It is very easy to use and so interesting to get a graph to show where there are gaps in our horses nutrition. I will be telling everybody I know about it.

Carolyn U.K.



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