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Get help when and where you need it from the FeedXL Team on everything from feeding your own particular horse to actually using FeedXL

Help & Support

Learning center

One of the first things you'll see when you first log in to FeedXL is the big HELP button. Here you'll find short, easy to read bits of information about feeding different types of horses, the role of specific nutrients and how to best use FeedXL.

Behind the big FEEDS button there is a wealth of information about the many different ingredients you potentially have available to feed your horse, with links to help on generic feeds and to manufacturer pages for commercial feeds and supplements.

New to feeding horses? The Learning Center will give you some great background on feeding horses. Experienced? Refresh your memory about aspects of nutrition you may not have dealt with in a while (even our own Dr Richards does this!).

Members forum

Feeding horses sometimes isn't very straightforward. On top of that, learning to use a new tool like FeedXL effectively can take some time. Very early on when FeedXL was released to the public we realized that simply providing 'generic' help with feeding horses and using FeedXL wasn't enough. So the FeedXL Member Forums were created.

The member forums are a place where you can ask any question you like about feeding horses or using FeedXL (or any other topic you like really) and the FeedXL team will respond promptly to help you out. Read More

Help is right where you need it

So that you don't lose your spot in FeedXL when you are creating a diet (not that it is hard to find your way back) we have also provided relevant bits of help throughout FeedXL, right where you need them. Things like working out what type of pasture you actually have in your paddock, estimating how much salt your horse may be licking from its salt block, how heavy certain generic ingredients are, accurately estimating the quality of hay and of course actually using FeedXL are right on the pages where you need them.

Contact us

Of course if all else fails, we are here to help. If you are a member, simply email us on our dedicated help email for members and we will get you sorted asap. If you are wanting to join FeedXL but would like to ask us some questions first, email us at or use the "Contact Us" form below. We are only too happy to answer any questions you may have.



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