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A place to connect, share, learn, get support, buy, sell and promote your own equine business!

Members Forums

The FeedXL Forums are a special place for you to connect with other FeedXL members as well as the Team at FeedXL. Whether you have a question about feeding, a story to tell, a picture to share or have something to sell, there is a place to do just that on the FeedXL Forums.

Get connected

Your interest in the nutritional well-being of your horse is shared by every other FeedXL member. The FeedXL Forums are a great place to meet like-minded horse owners, share your experiences with feeds, feeding and horses, or just have a chat. Our Forums are very friendly and helpful and a great way to make new friends and network. Share your photos, your stories or just keep your finger on the pulse; there is something there for everyone.

What questions can you ask?

The FeedXL Forums are the best place to get help on feeds, feeding, diets and on getting the most out of FeedXL. Our members ask for help on topics like:

  • Which feed types are best for a particular horse
  • What types of feeds or supplements are best to meet certain nutrient deficiencies
  • What the consequences are of overfeeding certain nutrients and how to correct that
  • Whether certain pastures or feeds are safe for horses
  • How to manage the diets of horses with nutrition related disease like laminitis and tying up
  • How to get a fussy horse to eat
  • How to stop an easy keeper from eating too much
  • What type of pasture species you have in your paddocks

The list is endless. If you have a question you can ask and either one of our expert team here at FeedXL, some of your fellow FeedXL members or a guest specialist we invite to answer questions will be there to help you out.

Do we make specific recommendations for products?

Just in case you are wondering, FeedXL doesn't make any specific recommendations for products to use. FeedXL simply gives you a scientific way to asses the feed and supplement choices available and objectively find what is best for your horse. However you can certainly ask for help or opinions on different feeds and your fellow FeedXL members are more than welcome to make comments and help you out.

Buy It, Sell It, Promote It

As a member of FeedXL you also have access to our Buy It, Sell It, Promote It forum where you can list any horse or horse related item you may have for sale, want to buy or a service like farriery, feed supplies, massage, dentistry etc. Listing on the forum is free and your post will remain active while you are a FeedXL member.



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