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FeedXL: How Does FeedXL Work?: The Science

FeedXL uses the latest science put together in an easy-to-use format that makes balancing your horse's diet accurate, yet simple.

The Science

The latest science at your fingertips

Science is only useful if it is put into an understandable and easy to use format. Here at FeedXL, we have compiled the latest in equine nutrition research into an easy to use, fun (and some say addictive) tool that makes working out if what your horse needs is actually in its diet.

Do we use NRC requirements? Yes and No

FeedXL uses a combination of National Research Council 2007 and published research data to calculate your horse's unique nutrient requirements. Nutrients like digestible energy, protein and lysine are calculated according to the NRC. However requirements for nutrients where the NRC state their recommendations are based on amounts needed to 'prevent classical deficiency symptoms' are calculated based on data showing performance or reproduction benefits where higher levels are fed.

Keeping you up to date

FeedXL keeps you up to date with the latest in equine science with extensive help on feeding horses throughout FeedXL and a monthly newsletter available to our members. To get a taste of what is available as a member see the Newsletters that have been published and are now available to the public.


From time to time FeedXL members have the opportunity to take part in research together with Dr Nerida RIchards. Nerida is a research junkie and if ever the opportunity arises to be involved in something, she will jump at it and give anyone who wants to be involved the opportunity to take part. Keep an eye on the FeedXL Member Forums for any projects that may be running whenever you are a FeedXL member.



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