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FeedXL: How Does FeedXL Work?: Horses

To accurately calculate your horse's nutrient requirements, FeedXL needs to know some important details about your horse.


Every horse is unique

Your horse is unique. And because your horse is unique, it needs a diet designed specifically for its nutritional requirements.

For each horse you register on FeedXL we ask you for specific details that are used to calculate their nutrient requirements. See below for more about what is required.

Breed, Sex, Age and Bodyweight

Enter your horse's breed (and if we don't have yours listed tell us and we will add it), sex, age and bodyweight for an accurate record of your horse's details. These details are used to help calculate your horse's nutrient requirements.

Getting bodyweight right is critical to ensuring your diets are formulated accurately for your horse. If you don't have access to scales to weigh your horse, FeedXL provides you with some tools to help you estimate your horse's weight as accurately as possible. You can read our newsletter on Estimating Bodyweight to see a comparison of the different methods. And as your horse's weight changes, you can keep adjusting it in FeedXL to keep your diets as accurate as possible.

Current activity

What your horse is doing has the single biggest impact on its requirement for specific nutrients. For example, lactating mares have massive requirements for quality protein and energy, while a horse in heavy work needs far more electrolyte minerals and antioxidants than a resting or lightly worked horse. Describing your horse's level or type of activity accurately is important if the diets you create are going to be correctly balanced.

Activity levels range from horses not in work through to heavy work. We include activity levels for growing horses as well as mature horses, for breeding mares in all stages of pregnancy and lactation, and for stallions. We also have special activity levels for aged horses and for those horses recovering from illness or injury.

Growing horses

Controlling a young horse's nutrient intake according to its rate of growth is important if you are going to grow the horses with good bones and joints. Getting a growing horse's nutrient intake right centers around feeding them to support the rate at which they are growing. FeedXL allows you to enter your young horse's actual average daily body weight gain. But if you don't know it, we help you by estimating it based on your horses age and body weight.

Managing weight gain or loss

Is your horse an easy keeper or good doer? What condition score is he/she? Would you like your horse to gain, maintain or lose some weight? Keeping track of your horse's body condition using the 0-9 body condition score method is a great way to keep on top of weight issues before they become health issues. And by answering these questions in FeedXL you can fine-tune your diets even more to manage body weight.

If you'd like to read more about weight management issues, see our newsletters on Feeding the Easy Keeper, Why Body Condition Score? and Feeding for Weight Gain.

Nutrition related diseases

Having a horse affected by Cushing's can be heartbreaking, and managing horses with laminitis frustrating. Young horses can be affected by developmental orthopedic disease and tying up can be a problem with racehorses, warmbloods and quarterhorses. And then there's colic, HYPP, insulin resistance and grain intolerance.

All of these diseases are affected by nutrition, but managing the feeding of horses with these diseases isn't always simple. FeedXL can make it that bit easier for you to make sure your horse is getting the nutrients it needs (or avoiding the nutrients it shouldn't have) to manage its disease and also helps you select feeds that are appropriate for horses with specific conditions. For more information, check out the Diseases page.

You're in charge!

Once your horse is registered with FeedXL, you can gain some peace of mind knowing that you're in control of their diet. By condition scoring and adjusting the body weight and activity level of your horse in FeedXL as needed, you can review diets regularly to stay on top of their diets, so you are always feeding the most suitable diet for your horse at any given time. By doing this, you'll also have a record over time of what your horse was fed and when.

Read what one user says...

"This is my paint mare Plush 24 hours after foaling - fed (as are all my broodmares and foals) using the FeedXL program. She is a prime example of how good my horses look on one third of the cost I used to spend. LOVE FeedXL!!!"

Gina Parry



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