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FeedXL: How Does FeedXL Work?: Diet Analysis

By calculating what nutrients your horse requires and what is being fed in the diet, FeedXL will show you what is missing or unbalanced in the diet and then help you to fix it.

Diet Analysis

FeedXL knows what your horse needs

By the time you get to the diet analysis stage in FeedXL, your horse's nutrient requirements have already been calculated from the information you entered when you registered your horse on the horse details page. Details like age, bodyweight and workload have all been taken into account to work out your horse's exact nutrient requirements.

Which nutrient requirements does FeedXL calculate?

FeedXL calculates your horse's requirements for digestible energy, protein, lysine, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, manganese, iodine, iron and vitamins A, E, B1, B2, and folic acid. The calcium to phosphorus, zinc to copper and calcium to oxalate ratios are also calculated. Not all nutrients are available on all FeedXL plans. For more detail on which nutrient requirements are calculated in the FeedXL Lite or FeedXL Pro plans, see the comparison table on our Plans and Pricing page.

FeedXL has worked out what you are feeding in the diet

At this stage in the FeedXL wizard you have also specified exactly what you are feeding your horse each day. With the detailed nutrient information in the FeedXL database on each of your horse's feeds, FeedXL is able to calculate how much energy, protein and specific vitamins and minerals are in the diet.

Does your diet 'stack up'?

Having calculated what your horse needs and now knowing what it is getting in the diet, FeedXL works out if the diet you are feeding is meeting your horse's requirements.

You can assess your horse's diet using an easy to read table that displays your horse's Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for each nutrient, the amount in the current diet, the percent of RDI being provided and notes to help you adjust the diet where needed. Or, you can use the Nutrient Graph which displays your horse's diet on a percent of RDI basis. When a nutrient requirement is met and within an acceptable nutrient range the bars in the graph will be green. Bars will turn red to alert you if a nutrient is undersupplied or oversupplied.

Adjust the diet to meet requirements

Once you have assessed your horse's current diet, you can then adjust your horse's diet by increasing or decreasing the amount of forages, grains, feeds and supplements in the diet to increase or reduce the amount of certain nutrients. Or you can create a whole new diet to meet your horse's needs.

By making small adjustments to the diet and rechecking the diet results in the graph and table provided you can customize your horse's diet so that it meets all of his needs without any deficiency or excess.

Does FeedXL make recommendations or balance the diet for you?

The notes provided in the result will guide you in adjusting your horse's diet to meet requirements. For example if sodium is too low in the diet FeedXL will suggest you add salt.

We are also available to help on the FeedXL member's forum with more tailored advice for you. However, FeedXL doesn't make any specific recommendations for products to use. FeedXL simply gives you a scientific way to asses the feed and supplement choices available and objectively find what is best for your horse. However you are welcome to ask fellow members on the FeedXL forum for advice on products that work well for them.

Create multiple diets for each horse

For each horse you have registered with FeedXL you are able to create as many diets as you want or need for that horse, there are no limits placed on the number of diets you can create. Compare diets containing different feeds or supplements. Try the same diets on different pastures. Or set up diets for different times of the year when pasture and hay availability changes or your horse's activity changes.



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