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FeedXL: How Does FeedXL Work?: Cost Calculator

Enter the prices you pay for your feeds and FeedXL will work out how much it costs to feed your horses. FeedXL makes it easy to keep track of costs and might even help you save some $$!

Cost Calculator

Know how much your feeds cost

FeedXL makes it easy for you to see what each feed, forage or supplement costs you per horse, per day. The total diet cost is also calculated so you can see how much it costs to feed your horses each day, month and year (scary we know). By correctly balancing the diet and feeding only what your horses actually need, you can save yourself some money (that of course could be better spent on much cooler horse riding gear!).

Here is what one of our members said when she first started using FeedXL: "I am now using one commercial feed for my four horses who have very different requirements and have halved my feed costs. Thanks heaps"

Maree Monaghan, BVSc (HONS)

Use the prices you pay for feed

For every feed in FeedXL you can put in what it costs you to buy a bale, bag or pail. FeedXL remembers these costs so next time they're all there ready for you to use. You can also make comments about where you bought the feed for that price, or maybe what other sizes cost. And you can add costs while doing a diet, or simply when looking feeds up online or making calls to suppliers.

FeedXL does the math

With all your feeds costed, and your diet put together, FeedXL will work out how much each item in your diet costs, and what the total cost of the diet is. FeedXL gives you a daily, monthly and yearly cost, so now you can see just how much it is costing you to feed your horses and how much you can save by making small adjustments to your diets.

Here is what another of our members says about FeedXL and how it has helped her reduce feed costs: "P.S....The only person who may not be to happy with this program would be my feed store man, because I only spend half of what I used to before FeedXL."

Janelle Dixon



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