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How do I access FeedXL?

FeedXL is available on a membership basis. Simply select which plan you want from our Plans and Pricing page. Once you have paid for your plan you will be a member of FeedXL and have access to all of its features for the length of your chosen plan.

Which countries is FeedXL available in?

FeedXL is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, parts of South East Asia and The Middle East.

How do I pay for FeedXL?

We accept credit cards, debit cards and bank transactions (not available in some countries). All our payments are processed via PayPal. Credit and debit card transactions are processed instantly and you can get started straight away. Bank transactions are instant if you are "verified" with PayPal, otherwise it is processed as an eCheque which can take up to 7 days to reach us.

Can I change plans during my membership?

Yes. You can upgrade to a plan with more horses at any time during your current membership and you will only pay the pro-rata difference in price between your current plan and your new plan with a minimum transaction of $5. For example, if you join FeedXL on the Pro 3 1-year plan (which allows you to register 3 individual horses) and you need to enter 2 more horses you can upgrade to the Pro 5 1-year plan. The Pro 3 plan is $75/year while the Pro 5 plan is $120/year. A difference of $45. If you are already 6 months through your plan, you will only pay half of this difference ($22.50) to upgrade.

If I sell a horse or a horse dies can it be deleted from my account?

Yes and No. At the end of a membership term (i.e. at the end of the month or year you have joined for) you have the opportunity to delete any or all the horses from your account if you continue your membership into a new term. We can't allow horse deletions during your membership, so once a horse is registered in FeedXL it will stay there until the end of your membership. You can hide horses in your account, so if you have a treasured horse die you can hide their name so you don't get upset everytime you log into FeedXL.

If it was easy to delete a horse and replace it with another one at will no-one would ever pay for more than a one horse plan, and that would mean we would either have to charge much more for those plans (which most people wouldn't be able to afford), or we would quickly go broke and FeedXL would be no longer... we hope you understand.

How do I know which plan to select?

FeedXL plans are differentiated on 3 things:

  1. Number of horses: Work out first how many horses you need to or would like to balance diets for and go for a plan that will cover that many horses. If you need more horses during your FeedXL membership you can easily upgrade to a plan with more horses at a pro-rata cost (see above).
  2. Length of term: Next work out if you want access to FeedXL for a month or a year. If you are unsure, start with a month, but it is certainly more economical and you will get far more benefit being a member for a full year.
  3. Type of diet analysis - Lite or Pro: The Lite and Pro plans differ only in the number of nutrients you are able to balance (see below). Everything else is exactly the same. Which type of plan you should use depends largely on your horse, the type of work it does and how it is managed. If your horse is at pasture and in light to moderate work only or you have mares that you breed occasionally, the light plan will do a wonderful job for you. If your horse is stabled or yarded 24/7, your horse is in moderate to heavy work or you have mares and stallions that are bred intensively we suggest you use the Pro plans.

If you are still unsure which plan you should use, email us: and we will help you out.

What nutrients are balanced on the Lite Plans?

The FeedXL Lite plans allow you to balance the following nutrients:

Digestible Energy
Crude Protein
Vitamins A and E
Calcium to Oxalate ratio
Calcium to Phosphorus ratio
Copper to Zinc ratio

What nutrients are balanced on the Pro Plans?

The FeedXL Pro plans allow you to balance the following nutrients:

Digestible Energy
Crude Protein
Vitamins A and E
Vitamins B1, B2
Calcium to Oxalate ratio
Calcium to Phosphorus ratio
Copper to Zinc ratio

Which feeds are available in the FeedXL database?

We have literally thousands of feeds in the FeedXL database from generic forages right through to every commercially manufactured feed and supplement we know about for the countries FeedXL is available in. If you want to check if the feeds you use are available in the database email us: and we can let you know. If the feeds you use are not there we can add them for you very quickly (usually within 24 hours, often much sooner) and at no cost to you.

I have feeds that are custom-blended for my horses. How can I use these in FeedXL?

It's simple! Just send us the nutrient analysis provided to you by the feed company when they formulated your feed. We're not after the recipe, only the nutrient analysis. We'll then enter it into your account for your personal use. For more information, see our Custom Feeds & Pastures page.

Are my pastures taken into account when I make a diet for my horses?

Yes! When building a diet for your horse, one of the steps is to include the pasture. To get you started we have a number of generic pastures to select from, but ideally you have your own pastures analysed and send the results to us and we will put it into your account for your personal use. Pasture can be a really important source of not only energy, protein and fibre but also vitamins and minerals, and these vary a lot from one farm to another. Getting your pasture analysed is the best way to have the most accurate information and to know just what to supplement your horse. This way you can avoid accidentally over-feeding or under-feeding a mineral or vitamin supplement. For more information, see our Custom Feeds & Pastures page.

Our pastures cause bighead disease. Can FeedXL help us?

Bighead disease is brought on typically on pastures which contain oxalates. Oxalates bind the calcium making it less available to the horse. The generic pastures in FeedXL have oxalate levels recorded, and we can do this for your pasture as well if you have that information. FeedXL then indicates if the calcium:oxalate level is adequate or if additional calcium is required. For more info, see the Diseases page.

What kind of horses can I use FeedXL for?

FeedXL can be used to balance diets for every age, breed and size of horse from the pregnant and lactating mare through to the growing foal, weanling, yearling, and horses in light, moderate, heavy and very heavy work. FeedXL will also care for your spelling and retired horses.

Are the horse requirements based on the NRC Nutrient Requirements of Horses?

Yes and no. The requirements for some nutrients like energy and protein are based on the NRC recommendations. However, the mineral and vitamin requirements are based on recent research or field experience. To give the best results for your horse, most requirements for minerals and vitamins are elevated above those recommended by the NRC. The NRC themselves acknowledge that some of their recommendations are based on preventing classical deficiency symptoms and not on improving reproductive and athletic performance.

Will FeedXL help me to solve problems I am having with my horse?

Absolutely. So many problems we experience with our horses are a result of poor nutrition. Problems like weight loss, dull coats, brittle, shelly or diseased hooves, skin diseases, lameness, loss of appetite, bad behaviour, poor performance, windsucking, laminitis, colic, insulin resistance, bacterial infections, long recovery times after viral diseases like the equine influenza, diarrhoea and developmental problems in foals are ALL linked to diets that aren't meeting your horse's requirements. Using FeedXL and feeding balanced diets will get rid of these nutrition related problems.

Will FeedXL help me to formulate a diet for a horse with a specific nutrition-related disease like Cushing's disease, laminitis or tying up?

Yes! When you enter your horse's details you will be asked if your horse has any specific nutrition related diseases. FeedXL will then suggest feeds that are suitable for your horse and alter your horse's nutrient requirements where necessary. For more info, see the Diseases page.

Will FeedXL improve my horse's performance?

No matter how good your horse's diet is, you will never improve your horse's performance above its genetic ability, or above your ability as a rider. However, feeding an unbalanced diet will prevent your horses reaching their genetic potential, and many horses are fed an unbalanced diet. So using FeedXL will make sure your horse is given every opportunity to perform at its best!

Does FeedXL take into account the different qualities of hay I might use?

Yes, when you select the hay you are using in your horse's diet you can then specify the quality. You will have prime, good, average, poor and weather damaged qualities to choose from.

Will FeedXL help me manage my horse's weight?

Yes! When entering your horse's details you will be asked if your horse is an easy, normal or hard keeper and whether you would like him/her to lose, maintain or gain weight. Using this information, FeedXL adjusts your horse's energy (calorie) requirement and helps you balance a diet according to your horse's weight management needs. For more info, see the Horses page.

Will I save money on my feed bill by using FeedXL?

Overwhelmingly FeedXL users and those who have used the older version of FeedXL, the Equilize software, have commented that the cost of feeding their horse goes down after balancing the diet properly. Feeding a well balanced diet means you won't feed unnecessary supplements or feeds and your horse will use the feed you do use more efficiently, meaning often you can feed less. While we can't promise it will cost you less, we do know you will get better results feeding a diet balanced in FeedXL! For more information on how FeedXL can help with your feed costs, see the Cost Calculator page.

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